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Assessment of Changes in Oral Health-related Quality of Life and Nutritional Status of Edentulous Patients before and after Insertion of Complete Dentures

Chetna Arora, Shivam Singh Tomar, Meena Jain

Keywords : Complete denture, Edentulous, Nutritional status, Oral health-related quality of life

Citation Information : Arora C, Tomar SS, Jain M. Assessment of Changes in Oral Health-related Quality of Life and Nutritional Status of Edentulous Patients before and after Insertion of Complete Dentures. Int J Prosthodont Restor Dent 2022; 12 (1):5-10.

DOI: 10.5005/jp-journals-10019-1355

License: CC BY-NC 4.0

Published Online: 18-10-2022

Copyright Statement:  Copyright © 2022; The Author(s).


Purpose: The present study was designed to assess changes in oral health-related quality of life (OHRQoL) and nutritional status (NS) of edentulous patients before and after the insertion of complete dentures in a dental school in India. Materials and methods: A longitudinal observational study was carried out among 100 patients. A face-to-face interview was conducted for eligible participants, and the questionnaires—geriatric oral health assessment index (GOHAI) and oral health impact profile-14 (OHIP-14) were administered to determine the OHRQoL of patients. A mini nutritional assessment-short form (MNA-SF) was used to assess the NS. The questionnaires were filled 1 week before denture insertion to 1, 3, and 6 months postinsertion. The data obtained were subjected to statistical analysis. Results: A great improvement in OHRQoL and NS of edentulous patients was observed after the insertion of complete dentures. The overall mean OHIP score before treatment was 3.35 + 0.32, and it decreased to 0.17 ± 0.02 at 6 months after treatment (p = 0.001). The overall mean GOHAI score increased from 1.53 ± 0.14 before treatment to 2.46 ± 0.08 after 6 months (p = 0.001). The mean MNA score significantly increased from 0.69 + 0.26 to 2.28 ± 0.10 after 6 months of wearing complete dentures (p = 0.001). Conclusion: Low NS is a key indicator associated with poor OHRQoL among completely edentulous patients. In the present study, a great improvement in OHRQoL and NS of denture wearers was evident postinsertion from the mean OHIP, GOHAI, and MNA scores.

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